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Air conditioning and climate control are becoming increasingly common as vehicle accessories. A good quality system should last the lifetime of the vehicle, but will require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion through internal moisture, and external corrosion to the system through contact with road salts. We recommend maintenance be performed on an annual basis.

Having your air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly helps avoid expensive bills in the long term.

We offer a full system service, using ‘state of the art’ equipment, which includes system evacuation to remove moisture, a leak test, pressure test, and oil change. We add leak detection dye and recharge with R134a refrigerant. The pollen filter is also checked (where applicable). A report is also completed on the output temperatures before and after servicing.

Moisture is removed from the system during this process, which if not left will result in acids being formed. This will degrade the delicate aluminium components over time. Internal moisture will also cause the air conditioning system to ice up and stop working.

Heswall Air Conditioning can also supply new air conditioning system components for all makes of car, and can repair system pipes, where possible, saving customers time and money.

A full system service usually takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

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